- Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
Early Warning System

Early Warning System

A project meant to benefit many, may actually cause great harm. Designed and funded often without a community’s knowledge or input, these projects are made possible through banks financed by member countries, regularly with the expressed goal to eradicate poverty. These banks, and the countries funding them, have a moral and often a legal obligation not to commit human and environmental rights abuses.

But how then do an estimated 15 million people each year find themselves forced from their homes to make way for these projects?

It happens when communities are not involved in the discussions regarding their own development. It happens when information detailing these projects and how to respond formally is not available to them.

The Early Warning System alerts communities and the organizations working with them, to proposed bank-financed projects and their potential human and environmental rights impacts early in the project cycle. We also provide advice, tools and resources for communities to integrate bank advocacy within their existing campaigns.