- Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
Support the Frontlines

Communities and activists have made important gains to protect their rights to housing and land.

Community development proposals and local research are tools for change, based on local experience and expertise.

IAP gives research and technical advice to community campaigns to stop forced evictions caused by projects funded or influenced by development banks. Where possible, IAP staff may advise directly, for example, by conducting research, filing complaints to international and regional accountability mechanisms or by coordinating local policy research.  Materials like IAP’s Community Action Guides provide clear guidance to local campaigns on how to integrate bank advocacy into existing campaigns.

The Early Warning System researches and analyses, on a global scale, the bank-funded projects likely to cause human and environmental rights abuses and connects the analysis with materials and advice to strengthen local campaigns.

Frontline support inspires and informs our policy work to Change the Rules of development.

Community Guide_write-shop

The Community Action Guide to the Asian Development Bank was written with 15 colleagues from throughout Asia-Pacific.