- Friday, February 7th, 2014
What We Do

IAP is a human rights advocacy organization that seeks to end forced eviction and create new global policy and practice for development that respects people’s homes, environment and human rights.

Our two main areas of work, Change the Rules and Support the Frontlines, have four programmatic initiatives.

In total, IAP works to win policy change, boost local advocacy efforts, and support grassroots activists and communities to access influential decision-making spaces.  Through IAP’s research and advocacy, we seek to advance development principles and projects that prioritize human and environmental rights.

IAP gives strategic advice and tools for resistance directly to communities and organizations addressing the funders of harmful development projects. IAP uses the research and knowledge gained from individual campaigns to advance broader human and environmental rights protections at international and regional banks.

IAP and Global Advocacy Team

IAP and the Global Advocacy Team with World Bank staff after discussing policy proposals to stop abuses committed by World Bank funded projects.